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Welcome to the lobby of the AP Studio Art Gallery. For your viewing pleasure, we have various collections of artwork created by talented AP students. In some cases, you can also read a profile of the artist in which they discuss their inspiration, the special challenges their work presented, what they hope to do with their talent, and what it takes to complete an AP Studio Art portfolio.

You can start with a trip to see our:

From the 2001 poster
More from the 2001 poster
From the 2000 poster
More from the 2000 poster
From the 1999 poster
More from the 1999 poster
From the 1998 poster
More from the 1998 poster
From the 1997 poster
More from the 1997 poster
From the 1996 poster
More from the 1996 poster
From the 1995 poster

Each exhibit has links from the artist's name to his or her profile (where available), or you can go directly to the profile archives. To see larger examples of the students' artwork, just click on any image in the exhibits.

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