AP Studio Art —
3-D Design Portfolio Section I: Quality
Summary: Excellence demonstrated in original artwork (10 slides: 5 works, 2 views of each)

Quality is evident in the concept, composition and technical skills of your work. It can be found in very simple works as well as in elaborate ones. You are asked to demonstrate quality through carefully selected examples of your work: work that succeeds in developing your intentions, in terms of both concept and execution.

For this section, you are asked to submit slides of your best 5 works, with two views of each work for a total of 10 slides. They may be separate, distinct works, or they may be directly related to one or more of the other works submitted in this section. The second view of each work should be taken from a different vantage point from the first view.

Works submitted in Section I may be submitted in either Section II or Section III, but NOT both.

Don't use the 2 side rows. Insert slides in sheet as shown here.

Slide Sheet
Slide Wood View 1

Slide Wood View 2

Each slide should be labeled on the mount with a dot in the lower left corner, the dimensions of the work, the medium, and the section in which it belongs.

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