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Sunday, July 20
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

AP & Pre-AP Professional Development

Pre-AP is a suite of K-12 professional development resources and services. The purpose of Pre-AP is to equip all middle and high school teachers with the strategies and tools they need to engage their students in active, high-level learning, thereby ensuring that every middle and high school student develops the skills, habits of mind, and concepts they need to succeed in college. Pre-AP provides professional development to help teachers prepare all students for the challenges of college-level work, such as that found in AP courses. This is done principally in three ways:

  • Vertical teaming:
    Supporting teams of middle and high school teachers
  • Classroom strategies:
    Supporting individual teachers with subject-specific approaches that can broaden access to college-level work
  • Instructional leadership:
    Supporting administrators and counselors from district offices as well as high school and middle school campuses

Vertical Teaming
These workshops are designed primarily for new and experienced AP Vertical TeamsŪ-groups of educators from different grade levels in a given discipline who work cooperatively to develop and implement a vertically aligned program aimed at helping students acquire the academic skills and habits of mind for success in college-level work and AP courses. They are also suitable for individual teachers. Participants engage in activities that use content to introduce and illustrate the Vertical Teams concept and some of its key attributes. Each activity provides time for reflection and discussion focused on the group dynamics created by the activity.

Classroom Strategies
The classroom strategies workshops provide in-depth discussions and activities for middle and high school educators. Participants will improve their understanding of content, instructional strategies, and pedagogical methods that will help their students succeed in college and rigorous high school courses, such as those offered by the AP Program.

Instructional Leadership
Instructional Leadership workshops provide teachers, counselors, district office administrators, and campus administrators with strategies that help integrate professional development into a system-wide process for improving instructional practices and student learning. Specific topics include creating AP Vertical Teams to develop a school culture that improves the teacher's capacity to provide quality instruction in the school and the district; supporting existing practices and creating new settings where learning can occur; providing structure to support systems that transform information into knowledge; and implementing policies to provide academically challenging instruction for all students.

College Board professional development workshops are designed to ensure that participants will have a working understanding of the topics and concepts listed in each workshop description.

For more information on professional development opportunities, visit AP Central at www.apcentral.collegeboard.com.

List of workshops offered on July 20


  • Growing an AP Program: A Workshop for Administrators: Experienced
  • Growing an AP Program: A Workshop for Administrators: New


  • College Advising Basics for New School Counselors
  • NOSCA: Legal and Ethical Issues in School Counseling
  • NOSCA: Use of Data as a Tool for Systemic Change for School Counselors

Special Seminars

  • Advanced Seminar: AP English Language, Composition, and Beyond: An Approach to Teaching Nonfiction. New & Experienced
  • Developing High Quality Questions and Examinations for AP Biology and AP Environmental Science: New & Experienced


  • European History: Experienced
  • European History: New
  • United States History: Experienced
  • United States History: New
  • World History: Experienced
  • World History: New

Pre-AP English

  • Pre-AP Strategies in English-Beyond Acronyms: Close Reading
  • Pre-AP Strategies in English-Rhetoric
  • Pre-AP Strategies in English-Comedy
  • Pre-AP: Advanced Topics for AP Vertical Teams in English-Grammar
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in English-Differentiated Instruction in Middle School Language Arts


  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics -Developing Algebraic Thinking
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics-Functions
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics-Analyzing and Describing Data
  • Pre-AP: Advanced Topics for for AP Vertical Teams in Mathematics- Assessment

Music Theory

  • Pre-AP: Topics for AP Vertical Teams in Music Theory


  • Pre-AP: Topics for AP Vertical Teams in Science
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Science-Energy Systems
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Science-Inquiry-Based Laboratories for Middle Schools

Social Studies

  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Social Studies-Using Visual Materials in Middle Grade Classrooms
  • Pre-AP: Advanced Topics for AP Vertical Teams in Social Studies-Developing Reading Habits


  • Pre-AP: Strategies in Spanish-Literary Analysis
  • Pre-AP Strategies in Spanish-Writing Skills

Studio Art

  • Pre-AP: Topics for AP Vertical Teams in Studio Art

World Languages and Cultures

  • Pre-AP: Topics for AP Vertical Teams in World Languages and Cultures
  • Pre-AP: Strategies in World Languages and Cultures-Building Proficiency

Team Building

  • Pre-AP: Setting the Cornerstones for the AP Vertical Team
  • Pre-AP: Coaching and Sustaining Successful AP Vertical Teams

Instructional Leadership

  • Pre-AP: Instructional Leadership Strategies-Using Data to Improve Student Preparation in Advanced Placement Courses
  • Pre-AP: Instructional Leadership Strategies-Promoting Equity and Excellence in Advanced Placement Program Courses
  • Pre-AP: Instructional Leadership-Planning, Implementing and Evaluating the Inclusion of Special Needs Students in Curriculum that Leads to College


  • SAT Holistic Scoring
  • SAT Writing Preparation for ESL/ELL Students
  • SAT School Based SAT Preparation

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