User Guide

The EPS Alpha User

The Alpha User Agreement Page

When an EPS Alpha User selects the Authorize Users link on the My User Profile page to manage users on their account, they are directed to the Alpha User Agreement page.  Alpha users must accept the Alpha User Agreement before authorizing users.  The Alpha User Agreement is as follows:

You are designated as the "EPS Alpha User" for your institution.  As such you may authorize additional EPS users for your institution and designate access levels for each.  To do so, enter the full name and email address of each person you wish to authorize to access your EPS data and reports, then designate the access level you wish to assign to each using the drop-down boxes.  Once you submit this form, each additional EPS user you designate will receive and email message informing them that they have been authorized to access EPS for your institution and a password to use for initial sign-in.  Upon initial sign-in, each will be required to complete the user profile and choose a new password.

Important: proceed with caution!  As the EPS Alpha User, it is your responsibility to determine who should have access to your data and reports.  Your authorization automatically grants each additional EPS user access to EPS data and reports for your institution.  EPS support staff will not verify additional EPS users authorized by you.

Before authorizing additional EPS users for your institutions, you must accept this Alpha User Agreement:

As the EPS alpha user, I understand that additional EPS users I authorize will have access to my EPS data and reports for my institution, including competitive data.  By accepting this agreement, I accept the responsibility of authorizing additional users and designating their access levels, and for insisting that they adhere to the EPS Data Usage Agreement.