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EPS Data Sources

SAT Data

The SAT Data – data source consists of cohorts of students who were seniors during the graduation year(s) listed and who completed the SAT test and/or an SAT Subject test at any time during their high school career; the most recent graduation year is the pool from which your current freshman class was recruited.  EPS describes the total group of SAT takers, which includes the subset of test takers who requested that official SAT scores be sent to your institution.  Data source is generally updated in late-July.  

The SAT Data Source (College-Bound Seniors) includes ONLY the students who participated in the SAT program through June of their senior year.  Students are counted only once, no matter how often they tested, and only their latest scores and most recent SAT Questionnaire responses are summarized; this is consistent with the annual College Board – College Bound Seniors Report (located within College Board Reports tab in EPS).