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EPS Data Sources

AP Data

The AP Data – data source consists of students who took at least one Advanced Placement (AP) Examination during any of the AP administration year(s) listed and who graduated in any of the year(s) listed.  This data is generally updated in late-September.

The full, cumulative AP record of all exams taken by these students is included, regardless of when the exams were taken.  For each state and EPS market, the number of students who took AP exams and the number of high schools that offered AP exams are provided.  At the market level, the average number of exams per high school, for those high schools that offer AP, is also provided.  At the high school level, EPS reports the number of students who took AP exams, the total number of exams taken (again, regardless of which year these students took the tests), the number of courses offered, and the percentage of exams taken for which a grade of 3.0 or higher was achieved.