User Guide

Basic Reports

The SAT data in Basic Reports is drawn from the most recent graduating class.  AP data is from the most recent test administration. PSAT data is drawn from the most recent 11th grade class. Basic Reports are only available for states, geomarkets and high schools.

Navigate to the Basic Reports page by selecting the Basic Reports tab along the top of your screen. 

Viewing Basic Reports:

  1. Click on the Basic Reports tab.
  2. In the View Basic Report box, click on the + icon next to Report Parameters to expand your selection.
  3. Click Select Report Type under Report Parameters and select a Basic Report Type. 
  4. Next, click on Select Report Level under Report Parameters and then select a Geography value.  A report may only display one geographic value at a time.
  5. Click Run at the bottom of the screen to run the report.
  6. Your report will be displayed in a pop-up window.  You may view other Report Types for the selected Report Level by using the drop down menu in the upper left corner of the report. 
  7. To print, click on the Printer-Friendly Version link at the bottom of the screen, and then print using the print function in your browser.
  8. Simply close this window to return to the main View Basic Reports page where you can change your criteria and view other reports.

NOTE: You may sort by column on the Competition Report only.  Click on the volume or overlap column headers for each group you would like to sort.  Click once to sort in descending order, and twice to sort in ascending order.

Competition Reports may have multiple pages, click on the Next Page link at the bottom of the page to navigate to remaining pages.

You can also access Basic Reports from within Interactive Reports by clicking on the link for a state, geomarket or high school.  Basic Reports map also be accessed from within a map by scrolling over the gray pyramid symbol, and clicking on the Report link.