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Welcome to Enrollment Planning Service™!

Developed so you can find your best prospects

Enrollment Planning Service™ (EPS®) is the marketing software that pinpoints the schools and geomarkets where your best prospects are most likely to be found. With the click of a mouse, EPS provides you with comprehensive reports on your markets, your position in those markets, and your competition.

Focus your valuable time and resources on the right prospects. An EPS subscription is the most effective way to find the students you need to reach. And, it's accessible via the Internet no matter where your recruitment takes you!


With EPS, you can pinpoint your most promising states, geomarkets, counties, zip codes, and high schools, assess your competition, and calculate your market share. EPS provides you with accurate, up-to-date information on college-bound students.

Benefits and features of EPS:

  • Internet Accessibility: As long as you have an Internet connection, you can connect to EPS! You and your staff can use this service at home and on the road, as well as on campus.
  • Broad Information: You have access to data on College-Bound Seniors, including academic interest, religion or "best" language, ethnicity, gender, academic performance, and average household income, as well as, college-bound rates, in-state and out-of-state mobility rates, Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) information, SAT® score averages, addresses, phone numbers, and College Board (CEEB) code numbers for over 25,000 high schools and competitor colleges nationwide.
  • Deeper Analysis: In addition to analyzing EPS data by geomarket, state, and high school, EPS Interactive Service enables you to drill down by zip code and county.
  • Reporting Options: EPS offers several levels of reporting. The College Board Reports tab provides you with easy access to College Board reports and is accessible free of charge. Executive Summary Reports provide you with institution-specific reports previously offered in the Executive Summary print publication. The Basic Reports tab allows you to quickly access reports such as the Overview and Competition Reports at the High School, State, and Geomarket level. The Interactive Reports tab allows you to build your own reports using various Data Sources.

We hope EPS will better enable you to focus your valuable time and resources on identifying and locating your best prospects.