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Thursday, July 17
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

One-Day AP Workshops

AP & Pre-AP Professional Development

AP workshops, led by College Board-endorsed consultants, guide participants through the skills students must master in the AP classroom and the most innovative teaching practices to help engage students.

Participants learn some of the best tools and techniques for helping students acquire the skills needed to excel in the AP classroom, with special emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills. Participants review AP teacher materials that include course outlines and content-related handouts as well as AP Exam information including student samples, scoring guidelines, and commentary for recently released AP Exam free-response questions; engage in discussions about appropriate classroom materials; learn specific techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated into the AP classroom to help students prepare to be successful in AP course work; and become acquainted with electronic media used to support AP teachers (e.g., AP Central and electronic discussion groups). For many AP courses, new workshop materials include content focused on an important theme in the course.

College Board professional development workshops are designed to ensure that participants will have a working understanding of the topics and concepts listed in each workshop description.

For more information on professional development opportunities, visit AP Central at www.apcentral.collegeboard.com.

List of workshops offered on July 17

  • AP Coordinator-Organizing your AP Exam Administration: Experienced
  • AP Coordinator- Organizing your AP Exam Administration: New
  • Art History: New/Experienced
  • Biology: Experienced
  • Biology: New
  • Calculus AB: Experienced
  • Calculus AB: New
  • Calculus BC: Experienced
  • Calculus BC: New
  • Chemistry: Experienced
  • Chemistry: New
  • Chinese Language and Literature: New & Experienced
  • Computer Science A & AB: New/Experienced
  • English Language: Experienced
  • English Language: New
  • English Literature: Experienced
  • English Literature: New
  • Environmental Science: Experienced
  • Environmental Science: New
  • French Language: New & Experienced
  • French Literature: New& Experienced
  • German Language: New & Experienced
  • Government and Politics: Comparative: New & Experienced
  • Government and Politics: U.S.: Experienced
  • Government and Politics: U.S.: New
  • Human Geography: Experienced
  • Human Geography: New
  • Italian Language and Culture: New & Experienced
  • Japanese Language and Literature: New & Experienced
  • Latin: Literature and Vergil: New & Experienced
  • Macroeconomics and Microeconomics: Experienced
  • Macroeconomics and Microeconomics: New
  • Music Theory. New & Experienced
  • Physics B: Experienced
  • Physics B: New
  • Physics C: New & Experienced
  • Psychology: Experienced
  • Psychology: New
  • Spanish Language: Experienced
  • Spanish Language: New
  • Spanish Literature: Experienced
  • Spanish Literature: New
  • Statistics: Experienced
  • Statistics: New
  • Studio Art: Experienced
  • Studio Art: New

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