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Today's students take AP® courses for a variety of reasons. Many students enroll because they are excited to take on the challenge of rigorous coursework. Others take AP because they have a keen interest in a particular subject and want to explore it in more depth. Still other students know AP will help them be competitive and successful in college.

All of these perspectives — and so many more — are excellent reasons to participate in AP. And more students than ever are completing their AP classes by taking the AP Exam. In fact, the College Board's recently released AP Report to the Nation notes that more students than ever before are taking and experiencing success (scoring three or higher) on AP Exams.

In the midst of all that happens at the end of a junior or senior year in high school, taking on a rigorous, college-level exam can be a tough decision for some students. But the benefits of taking an AP Exam are significant — even for those students who are already admitted to the college of their choice or those who worry they might not do well. Additionally, both the College Board and many states offer fee reductions for qualified students. Talk to a teacher or counselor for more information.

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