March 2016

The AP Course Audit will begin accepting submissions for new courses offered in the 2016-17 school year. Administrators can begin to finalize electronic Course Audit forms submitted for new courses or those transferred to their schools by new teachers.


The AP® Course Audit school administrator is the principal, or the principals designee, who is responsible for finalizing AP Course Audit forms, renewing authorizations from year to year, and assuring that the annual AP Course Ledger entry accurately reflects AP Course offerings at the school each academic year.

To receive authorization from the College Board to label a course "AP," teachers without previous authorization for their course(s) must submit two documents related to the course:

Course Syllabus

Each AP teacher is required to submit an electronic copy of his or her syllabus outlining the course of study to be followed.

Submission Options

AP Course Audit form

The subject-specific AP Course Audit form specifies the curricular and resource requirements that must be met in order to receive authorization to use the “AP” designation for a course. A school administrator must approve and finalize this electronic form before a syllabus can be reviewed.

For each new AP course submitted, the school’s AP Course Audit administrator is required to complete an online AP Course Audit form.

Additionally, the school’s AP Course Audit administrator is responsible for assisting with the following procedures:

Annual Renewals

Account Transfers

View School & District Administrators Roles and Responsibilities

District-designed AP Course Audit Activities

These articles describe how to create districtwide professional development activities centered around the AP Course Audit, including details on organizing syllabi creation and review sessions with teachers. The first in the series is available below.

News and Updates

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