AP Physics 1: Algebra-based: Example Textbook List

The list below represents examples of textbooks that meet the curricular requirements of AP Physics 1: Algebra-based. The list below is not exhaustive and the texts listed should not be regarded as endorsed, authorized, recommended, or approved by the College Board. Not using a book from this list does not mean that a course will not receive authorization. Syllabi submitted as part of the AP Course Audit process will be evaluated holistically, with textbooks considered along with supplementary, supporting resources to confirm that the course as a whole provides students with the content delineated in the curricular requirements of the AP Course Audit.

For discussions regarding the usefulness of these texts and other teaching materials in the AP Physics 1 classroom, please consult the AP Teacher Community site.

Cutnell, J. D. and Johnson, K. Physics. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Etkina, E., Gentile, M. and Van Heuvelen, A. College Physics, Boston, MA: Pearson.

Giambatista, A., Richardson, B., and Richardson, R.C. College Physics. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Giancoli, D.C. Physics: Principles with Applications. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Pearson Education.

Giordano, N. College Physics: Reasoning and Relationships. Independence, KY: Cengage Learning.

Knight, R, Jones, B. and Field, S. College Physics: A Strategic Approach. Boston, MA: Pearson Education.

Serway, R. A., and Vuille, C. College Physics. Independence, KY: Cengage Learning.

Tippens, Paul E. Physics. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Urone, P. and Hinrichs, R. College Physics. Houston, TX: Open Stax College.

Walker, J.S. Physics. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Wilson, J. Buffa, A. and Lou, B. College Physics. San Francisco, CA: Addison-Wesley.

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