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Happy Holidays from CLEP

The CLEP program team is proud to consider you—the community of institutions collaborating with us to help students achieve their academic aspirations—our extended family.

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During this holiday season, we would like to thank you all for your efforts on behalf of your students. In addition, because of CLEP's long-standing ties with the U.S. armed services, we want to take a moment to honor our country's men and women in uniform.

We wish you all the best for 2011 and hope you have a blessed, restful and joyous holiday season.

The CLEP Team

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Learning Counts: A New Online PLA Center Piloted by CAEL

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), with funding from the Joyce Foundation, the Kresge Foundation and the Lumina Foundation for Education, is unveiling a new online prior learning assessment center for students called Learning Counts.

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The center will offer students access to information from CAEL, CLEP, and the American Council on Education, providing a range of services in assessing credit for learning. Expert faculty assessors will examine the content and breadth of students' work and training to determine credit recommendations, helping accelerate the progress toward a degree. CAEL will also work with state workforce agencies and boards to include the cost of prior learning assessments in their eligible reimbursement expenses so that dislocated workers and low-income adults can afford the online service.

CAEL will implement Learning Counts at colleges around the country in December 2010.

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CLEP Introduces New Online Training Sessions

In January 2011, CLEP will launch a series of free professional development webinars. These no-cost sessions are designed to meet the needs of faculty and testing professionals. The offerings include seminars designed to help campuses just beginning to use CLEP as well as others to support more in-depth needs and questions.

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Here are just a few of the topics available:

CLEP Overview Provides an overview of CLEP, including descriptions of the CLEP exams, an overview of the test development process, an outline of CLEP's benefits for both students and institutions, tips for adopting a CLEP policy on your campus and ideas for getting the word out to students about CLEP.
Adopting CLEP on Your Campus Walks through the process of adopting a CLEP policy on your campus, including a review of the available exams, cut score and credit-granting recommendations and suggestions for getting the word out to students.
CLEP College Composition Exams Highlights the newly released College Composition and College Composition Modular exams, including test specifications, comparisons to previous exams and credit granting recommendations.
CLEP for College Faculty Reviews the CLEP test development and standard-setting process, highlighting the role of faculty, and presents recent research that establishes the reliability and validity of CLEP exams. Information is included about designing your own Admitted Class Evaluation Study (ACES) to validate your cut scores.

Visit the CLEP Professional Development page for a complete list and to register.

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Questions about the new CLEP College Composition exams?

If your institution is still deciding which CLEP College Composition exam to grant credit for, or you need guidance on interpreting your existing policy, here's a quick way to differentiate the two tests.

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  • If you want students to write an essay in addition to the multiple-choice section:
    • and you want us to supply the essay prompts and to score the essay, set a policy for College Composition.
    • and you want us to supply the essay prompts, but you want your college to score the essays, set a policy for College Composition Modular.
    • and you want to supply and score your own essay prompts, set a policy for College Composition Modular.
  • If you do not want students to write an essay in addition to the multiple-choice section set a policy for College Composition Modular.

It's not too late to send us your policy for inclusion on our website if you haven't already done so. Visit the College Composition exams page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

We encourage you to get the word out to students about the new exam:

  • Update your college catalog, your website and any relevant materials to reflect your policy. Be sure to include the cut score required and the amount of credit your college will grant for the exams.
  • Inform academic advisers about your policy. They can visit the College Composition exams page for more detailed information.
  • Direct students to the CLEP College Composition student information page on our website.
  • Advise students of the free downloadable study guide on the student information page (available through December 30).
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