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Professional Development Workshops

Pre-AP Workshops

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Pre-AP workshops equip middle and high school teachers with the strategies and tools to engage students in active, advanced learning in preparation for AP and college-level course work. Workshop varieties include:

  • Setting the Cornerstones™:
    Review a step-by-step action plan for building an AP Vertical Team. Participants receive a toolkit of concrete applications, including strategies and hands-on activities that can be used to build AP Vertical Teams® and to begin developing their district's action plan.
  • Vertical Teaming:
    Focus on instructional strategies and curriculum alignment to aid teachers in building or strengthening their Vertical Team, and in preparing students for college-level course work.
  • Strategies:
    Explore subject-specific strategies for analyzing student work and enhancing instructional practices.
  • Instructional Leadership (for administrators):
    Provide strategies that help integrate professional development into a systemwide process for improving instructional practices and student learning.
  • Interdisciplinary:
    Focus on strategies for teaching specific skills that are important in more than one subject area in the context of AP courses and AP Vertical Teams.

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