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Projected Volume

The total volume of names expected to match the selection criteria for your ALL Students standing order across all runs through the last data feed of the year (i.e. the August AP data feed).

Order End Date

This functionality provides the ability to select a specific order end date for standing orders.

The default date for all standing orders is August 31. You may change this by typing in a specific date (mm/dd/yyyy), not to exceed the current academic year-end date of August 31; or you may use the calendar icon to make a selection from any of the available dates. In addition, the Order End Date must be two days or later from submit date.

The projected volume will adjust accordingly each time a new date is selected.

You may find it helpful to refer to the Data Feed Dates chart (Data Feed Dates) to assist you in determining your end date.

No De-Duping

IMPORTANT: Projected Volume does NOT take de-duping into consideration, because it can’t. We truly have no way of knowing if a student will re-take a CB exam or if their information will change such that they may become a match for a school in a future order that hasn’t been processed yet or before that school’s standing order is complete! We can’t predict the future. We can only present a projected volume estimate for an ALL Students order by looking back at last year’s records (cohort minus 1), and building out our “best guess” from that based solely on the chosen criteria. The projection is strictly based on aggregate raw numbers – no de-duping.