User Guide

Create an Order

Consolidated Order Form

The Consolidated Order form takes all the SSS orders forms (PSAT, Winter SAT Cycle, Summer SAT Cycle, AP, and ALL Students) and merges them into a single form. You are no longer required to pick a data source (PSAT, SAT Cycle, AP, or ALL Students) prior to entering your order criteria and parameters. Now, you can choose and even change your data source from within the order form itself – in real time!

To create a new order, click on the Create Order button on the left hand navigation bar and acknowledge the Use Agreement.

To begin building your order, you must first name your search by filling in the Search Title.

Step 1: Choose the desired Data Source(s).

You may choose a single data source or multiple data sources. For example, you may choose to search for PSAT test-takers and May SAT test-takers at the same time.

You may still choose traditional search cycles, such as Winter SAT or Summer SAT. When you check the box for either of the SAT Cycle searches, you will receive your output in one complete data file after the last admin for the cycle is loaded into our database.

Step 2: Choose the Admin Year(s). For each data source you must choose the current year, the previous year, or both. Once a selection is made you will be presented with verification of the Admin Year Selection(s). The Admin Year(s) are now based on the month/year in which the test was administered.

Instructions column: In this column you will see information about your chosen data sources. If a data source is currently in our database, you will see a message that informs you the data will be available 7 days from submit date.

If one of the data sources occurs in the future, you will see a message that informs you that part of your order is considered a standing order and the data will be sent to you automatically once it has been loaded into our database.

Step 3: After your data source(s) are chosen, you may then click on a criteria item to expand the row and make your selections.

You may change your data source(s) selections at any time: If you build an order with SAT-specific criteria, but later change your mind and select only a PSAT data source, your previous selections will not be lost – they will appear grayed out. If you choose to include an SAT data source again, your selections will reappear as normal.

Duplicates: You must still create orders that are mutually exclusive unless you use the ALL Students data source or order multiple data sources within one order. For example, we will automatically remove any duplicates if you order a PSAT data source and a May SAT data source within the same order. However, if you order a PSAT data source and return two weeks later to order a single (e.g., May SAT) data source, duplicates will not automatically be removed.

New Prospects Only: The ALL Students data source remains the only type of order in which you can elect to receive New Prospects Only.