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Create an Order

Create Order

Click Create Order on the left-hand navigation bar of the My Orders page if you want to start from scratch. 

The Consolidated Order form takes all the SSS orders forms (PSAT, Winter SAT Cycle, Summer SAT Cycle, AP, and ALL Students) and merges them into a single form. You are no longer required to pick a data source (PSAT, SAT Cycle, AP, or ALL Students) prior to entering your order criteria and parameters. Now, you can choose and even change your data source from within the order form itself – in real time!

You may choose a single data source or multiple data sources. For example, you may choose to search for PSAT test-takers and May SAT test-takers at the same time.

You may still choose traditional search cycles, such as Winter SAT or Summer SAT. When you check the box for either of the SAT Cycle searches, you will receive your output in one complete data file after the last admin for the cycle is loaded into our database.

For each data source you must choose the current year, the previous year, or both. Once a selection is made you will be presented with verification of the Admin Year Selection(s). The Admin Year(s) are now based on the month/year in which the test was administered.

Choosing ALL Students enables advanced features including duplicate removal across orders (beginning with orders submitted October 2003), and the ability to create standing orders.