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When students fill out the SAT registration form they are asked a series of questions about their college plans and preferences on the SAT Questionnaire that is part of the form. A copy of the SAT registration and SAT Questionnaire form is shown in the appendix.

Please note that filtering your search with any of these criteria will limit your output to SAT test-takers only, and seriously reduce your volume.

A “No Response” selection *only* pertains to SAT test-takers who chose not to answer the question; it will *not* include PSAT or AP test-takers, because they were never given an opportunity to answer the question.

None of the following criteria are included in Search output.

College Plans and Preferences

  • College Type

This item is especially useful to religious institutions or other specialized schools, community colleges, junior colleges, or vocational/technical schools. This option allows institutions to focus on students specifically interested in their programs.

  • College Control

Students may not be completely aware of the differences between public or private institutions. Institutions with religious affiliations find this item useful if they use it in conjunction with the religious preference selection option. You can select students who fit your best prospect profile but who indicate they prefer a college that is different from yours in this category and send these students correspondence that highlights the advantages of your college.

  • College Size

You can use this option to target students who indicate they want to attend a school of your size, or to target students who want a different size school and tell them the benefits of attending a school your size.

  • College Setting

The students who register for the SAT may not have decided which college setting they prefer or know the unique benefits of your institution. Your mailings to students can describe the advantages of your campus location. Use this option to reach students who want a school with your specific locale. You can also select this criterion to send mailings to students who need to be convinced about the advantages of your location.

  • College Location

Use this option to reach students who want a school with your locale. You can also select this criteria to send mailings to students who need to be convinced about the advantages of your location.

  • College Student Body

This selection can be used to identify students who express a preference for a single-sex institution.

  • College Living Plans

Colleges that have unique off-campus arrangements or particular on-campus housing accommodations may be interested in reaching students whose needs match their accommodations. If you do not have on- or off-campus housing available for new students, you can use this option to inform them that they will need to find their own housing. A persuasive direct mail message about on-campus housing opportunities may help students decide.

  • Financial Aid

You can identify students who are interested in applying for financial aid and send them information about financial aid opportunities at your institution.

  • Educational Aspirations

This question asks students what level of education they plan to complete. Even if you offer only B.A. or B.S. degrees, you may want to recruit students who plan to get advanced degrees.

  • ROTC History & Plans

Colleges that offer ROTC programs on their campuses can use this variable to select students who have participated in high school ROTC programs or have indicated an interest in participating in the ROTC program at the college level.

  • High School Courses

Students are asked on the SAT Questionnaire to indicate the total years of high school study they have completed or plan to complete in a given subject. They are also asked to indicate if these courses are Advanced Placement, accelerated, or honors courses. You can select students by the general subjects they studied, years of study, and whether or not the study was honors level. To identify students who are interested in specific subject areas, this option can be used with college majors in which they indicate interest. If you select more than one subject, the students must have the number of years you select in all the subjects you select. If you request honors in more than one subject, the students only need to have honors in one of the subjects.

  • High School Activities

Students are asked to indicate the activities in which they participated in high school and the number of years they participated. Students who have been involved in an activity for many years often contribute the talents and skills they developed in the activity to the college they attend.

  • Sports

On the SAT Questionnaire, students indicate the sports they participated in or plan to join. Students can mark up to six sports. You can select up to 20 sports and if the student marks any one of the sports you select, that student will be part of your output.