User Guide

Create an Order

Search Criteria

The Order Form has been redesigned to provide easier navigation, and a more logical, intuitive at-a-glance view. The Order Form first appears "rolled-up" with all rows closed or collapsed. Each row contains one search criterion. To view the selections available, click the hyperlink and the row will expand. To collapse the row again, click Close within the row, or click on another selection criterion hyperlink. Every time you close a row, your changes are saved. If you want to save your changes while the row is still expanded, click Save.

Consolidated Order Form

The Consolidated Order form takes all the SSS orders forms (PSAT, Winter SAT Cycle, Summer SAT Cycle, AP, and ALL Students) and merges them into a single form. You are no longer required to pick a data source (PSAT, SAT Cycle, AP, or ALL Students) prior to entering your order criteria and parameters. Now, you can choose and even change your data source from within the order form itself – in real time!

You may choose a single data source or multiple data sources. For example, you may choose to search for PSAT test-takers and May SAT test-takers at the same time.

You may still choose traditional search cycles, such as Winter SAT or Summer SAT. When you check the box for either of the SAT Cycle searches, you will receive your output in one complete data file after the last admin for the cycle is loaded into our database.

Demographic Dashboard

The Demographic Dashboard enables you to view estimated demographic-related counts as an SSS order is built. This feature can also include Graduation Years, E-mail addresses, and Intended Majors. The dashboard can be a useful tool for targeting specific campus-related goals (e.g. underrepresented populations, international students, gender mix – among others).

To launch the dashboard, click on the ‘View Dashboard’ link.

The estimated counts generated are based on criteria selected at the time ‘View Dashboard' is clicked. If you make further modifications to your search criteria, you must click 'View Dashboard' again in order to view updated counts. The Dashboard window contains the following counts for all orders.

  • Count by Gender
  • Count by Ethnicity
  • Count by Graduation Year
  • Count by E-mail Address
  • International Student Count (displayed as a single international total)

The dashboard also includes an item’s percentage of the total count. Values for ‘Unknown’ and ‘No Response’ are also included.

The following information displays only if the item is used as a search criterion in an order:  

  • Count by Intended Major (by individual major)
  • Count by EPS Market
  • Count by High School Cluster
  • Count by Educational Neighborhood Cluster
  • Count by Zip Code