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Estimating Volume

Search Cycle and Single Source Volume Estimations

SSS can instantly calculate the number of students in any of our Search cycles who match your selection criteria. As you enter your selection criteria, click Recalculate above the criteria form to calculate your volume estimate. For upcoming data loads—Search cycles for which actual data is not yet available in SSS—volume calculations will be estimates, based on the number of students who matched your selection criteria in the most recent corresponding Search cycle. For example, the data feed date for the current PSAT/NMSQT Search cycle (students who take the exam in October) was in mid-January. If you created an order for that cycle before the data feed date, your estimate was based on students who matched your selection criteria in the preceding year's PSAT/NMSQT Search cycle (students who took the exam in October a year ago). If you submit your order based on estimated volume instead of actual volume, you will be notified by email when actual data is available, and have two days after the actual data feed to check your actual matching volume, and make changes to your selection criteria if necessary.

Search ALL Students and Multi-Source Volume Estimations

SSS can also calculate the number of students matching your selection criteria when you search ALL Students or multiple data sources. Clicking Recalculate above the Criteria form will give you the actual volume of students currently in our database who match your selection criteria—the "Current Volume". This is the volume available in the first run if you decide to submit your order.

Click Continue at the bottom of the criteria form to view the "Projected Volume". This is the volume expected to match your selection criteria for all data sources in all combined runs by August 31 (if applicable) of the coming year.