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Winter SAT Search

The Winter Search includes mostly seniors who took the SAT in October, November, or December, or who took the SAT as juniors and who did not repeat the test between October and December. The Winter SAT Search is especially useful if you have 'rolling' admission because you can use the information to contact students in the second semester of their senior year.


The PSAT/NMSQT Search gives you the earliest identification and information about college-bound sophomores and juniors. The PSAT/NMSQT Search cycle is based on students who took the test in October of the academic year. The PSAT/NMSQT Search offers the largest student pool, the greatest number of sophomores, and the widest geographic area. PSAT/NMSQT Search names arrive in time for you to send your summer program invitations and plan your fall high school visits.

Summer SAT Search

The Summer Search gives you information about juniors who take the SAT between January and June. This Search can be the basis of your fall recruitment activities and gives you time to contact students at the beginning of their senior year.

AP Search

This Search lets you reach highly qualified and competitive students who are accomplishing college-level course work in high school AP courses. You receive information about juniors and seniors who earned a grade of 1 or better on at least one AP Exam taken in May of the academic year.

SAT Subject Test Search

This Search provides you access to students who have chosen to demonstrate their mastery of specific subjects falling under 5 broad categories: English, history, mathematics, science, and foreign languages.  The SAT Subject Tests are taken by nearly 500,000 students, across six administrations throughout the year.  The SAT Subject Tests are closely linked to the high school curriculum and have a proven track record of providing colleges with a highly reliable, objective assessment of student readiness for college-level work.

All Students Search

The All Students Search allows you to identify students across all test pools. This Search lets you create standing orders, which will automatically create output files each time we receive new data matching your selection criteria.

Single-Source Search

A Single-Source Search allows you to choose one specific test administration. This provides for greater flexibility when you want to target those students who took an exam at a certain time of year. This search can be useful for identifying juniors who begin taking SAT exams in the spring before they start their senior year.

Multi-Source Search

A Multi-Source Search allows you to create an order for multiple test administrations. This type of search allows you to focus on PSAT test-takers and May SAT test-takers at the same time without the need to do separate orders. This type of search is useful for automatically capturing students at different times of year based on your recruitment goals and strategies.