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Postal Cleansing & Discounts

All addresses (with the exception of international addresses) in the SSS database undergo an address cleansing process in accordance with the U.S. Postal Service Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) and are subject to address correction using the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. Overall, 94 percent of SSS addresses are updated using these methods. All names included in your output are considered deliverable, even if some cannot be discounted. Discuss your marketing and direct mail strategies with your local post office to receive the maximum benefit of available postal discounts.

NCOA Information:

 National Change of Address (NCOA) Information  

Rates & Fees Information:

 United States Postal Service Rates & Fees  

CASS & NCOA Certification Documents

PSAT October 2012 CASS Certificate (.pdf/33k)
October 2012 SAT CASS Certificate (.pdf/33k)
November 2012 SAT CASS Certificate (.pdf/33k)
December 2012 SAT CASS Certificate (.pdf/33k)
January 2013 SAT CASS Certificate (.pdf/38k)

NCOA_ALL Students_Feb 2013 (.pdf/24k)

NCOA_PSAT_Oct 2012 (.pdf/24k)
NCOA_SAT_Oct 2012 (.pdf/24k)
NCOA_SAT_Nov 2012 (.pdf/24k)
NCOA SAT Dec 2012 (.pdf/24k)
NCOA SAT Jan 2013 (.pdf/22k)