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Training and Workshops

Student Search Service Training and Workshops

Across the country, institutions are seeing student demographics change, the number of high school graduates decline and campus resources become more scarce. As a result, it has become increasingly important for enrollment offices to develop efficient, targeted methods for reaching students, increasing diversity and targeting new markets.

We invite you to join us at one or many Student Search Service workshops to learn how the College Board can help you develop more strategic and cost-efficient methods to reach prospective students.    Some of the workshops are offered in person, others on-line, in all cases, registration is free. Check this website often for upcoming workshops!

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SSS Workshop

Workshops will be added as they become available

Face-to-Face Workshops

Student Search Service® Workshops

Since its launch in 1972, SSS has grown to become the largest, most effective recruiting and admission search tool in higher education today. Colleges and universities are under constant pressure to target new markets, increase diversity and attract qualified students to honors programs or specific majors.

Student Search Service workshops address the current economic challenges and demographic shifts that have affected admission offices across the country and discuss key best practices in student recruitment. Participate in a free workshop near you, and learn how Student Search Service can help you become more strategic in your outreach to prospective students.

Regional Student Search Service® Workshops

We invite you to attend a free College Board Student Search Service (SSS®) workshop.  Now more than ever, it is essential to communicate the right message to the right students. Learn how the College Board can help you navigate the student search process, develop more strategic and cost-efficient prospective student lists, and maximize your outreach.  Workshops are designed to help you address the challenges and opportunities presented by regional and national demographic shifts.

Regional workshops will be added as they become available.