User Guide

User Interface

Signing In & Out

Initial Sign-In

On your first sign-in, and on your subsequent sign-in after July 1 of each year thereafter, you will be directed to the Maintain Account screen and prompted to review, update and confirm your customer profile information. Once you have completed your initial sign-in, your session will proceed as normal, and you will be directed to the My Orders page.

Logging On

Once you have your username and password, point your browser to the  Recruitment & Admission Web site, enter your username and password under Member Sign In, and click the Sign In arrow. If you have misplaced your username or password, please contact Search Customer Service for assistance.

Signing Out

When you are ready to end your session, you should sign out to prevent unauthorized access to the system. From anywhere within the UI, click Sign Out on the top navigation bar. As a security measure, however, your session will automatically terminate after several minutes of non-use.