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Student-Produced Response

Here are some general hints for answering Student-Produced Response questions, also called Grid-Ins.

  1. Since answer choices aren't given, a calculator may be helpful in avoiding careless mistakes on these questions.
  2. It's suggested that you write your answer in the boxes above the grid to avoid errors in gridding.
  3. The grid can hold only four places and can accommodate only positive numbers and zero.
  4. Do not worry about which column to begin gridding the answer. As long as the answer is gridded completely, you will receive credit.
  5. Unless a problem indicates otherwise, an answer can be entered on the grid either as a decimal or as a fraction.
  6. You don't have to reduce fractions like 3/24 to their lowest terms.
  7. Convert all mixed numbers to improper fractions before gridding the answer.
  8. If the answer is a repeating decimal, you must grid the most accurate value the grid will accommodate.
  9. Some questions may have more than one right answer.
  10. You don't lose any points for a wrong answer.
  11. Know the gridding rules before taking the test.