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Improving Paragraphs


(1) In the last fifty years, computers in many forms have become increasingly accessible. (2) For example, today the calculator is regarded as an essential tool for basic calculations by students and business people. (3) Word processing is considered indispensable by most writers, researchers, and office workers. (4) In addition, many families use computers to organize information, to balance budgets, and to provide entertainment.

Question: Which of the following would be the most suitable sentence to insert immediately after sentence 1?

(A)  The race is on to produce the "ultimate" computer.

(B)  I have found the computer somewhat difficult to learn to operate.

(C)  Many people are understandably intimidated by computers.

(D)  They are now so common that they have a profound effect on daily life.

(E)  Modern telephones belong to the family of computers.