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Improving Paragraphs

Passage: (The paragraphs below are the first two paragraphs of a passage that appeared in the test.)

(1) I have just read an excellent book called "Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years." (2) Usually I do not enjoy autobiographies. (3) I could hardly put this one down. (4) It is about Sadie Delany, who is 103 years old, and her "little" sister Bessie, she is 101.

(5) The sisters grew up in North Carolina in times that were not easy for African Americans. (6) Around 1916 they moved to New York City and went to Columbia University at their father's urging. (7) He tells them, "You are college material. (8) And if you don't go, shame on you!" (9) Sadie became a teacher and Bessie a dentist. (10) The second Black woman dentist in New York.

Question: In context, which is the best version of "He tells them" in sentence 7?

(A) (As it is now)
(B) Their father tells them,
(C) This is because he tells them,
(D) He had told them,
(E) His suggestion was: