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Improving Sentences

In each of the following sentences, some part or all of the sentence is underlined. Below each sentence you will find five ways of phrasing the underlined part. Select the answer that produces the most effective sentence, one that is clear and exact, without awkwardness or ambiguity. In choosing answers, follow the requirements of standard written English. Choose the answer that best expresses the meaning of the original sentence.

Answer (A) is always the same as the underlined part. Choose answer (A) if you think the original sentence needs no revision.

Hearing that the Statue of Liberty did not have a pedestal, a campaign was begun by Joseph Pulitzer to raise money for the construction of one.

(A)  a campaign was begun by Joseph Pulitzer to raise money

(B)  a campaign to raise money was initiated by Joseph Pulitzer

(C)  money was raised in a campaign by Joseph Pulitzer

(D)  Joseph Pulitzer began a campaign to raise money

(E)  Joseph Pulitzer had campaigned to raise money