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Student Search Service®

Student Search Service® is a free information service for students who take the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, Advanced Placement® (AP®), SAT Subject Tests™ or a Preliminary SAT Scoring Service (PSSS) exam.

Participating in Student Search connects you with colleges and universities across the country that are looking for students just like you. When you say Yes to Search, colleges, scholarship organizations and nonprofit educational enrichment and opportunity organizations will send you admission and financial aid information.

These institutions are looking for students like you and Student Search is a primary way for them to find students who may be a good fit. Likewise, Student Search Service helps students learn about college and financial aid options while planning for college — and you can determine which colleges are a good fit for you.

How to participate in Student Search:

To participate, indicate "yes" to the Student Search Service question on your answer sheet each time you take the PSAT/NMSQT exam. Participation is completely voluntary and you may stop participating at any time by contacting Student Search Service.

What happens next?

Colleges, universities, and scholarship programs sponsored by governmental and nonprofit organizations that use Student Search Service select students to communicate with based on, for example, a specific grade average, intended majors, or if you live in a particular state or ZIP code.

While the College Board and Student Search do not share your exam scores with any colleges, universities or scholarship organization, they may use a score range to search for students.

The following information about you is sent to colleges, universities, and scholarship organizations:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Sex
  • Birth date
  • High school code
  • Graduation year
  • Ethnic identification (if provided)
  • Intended college major (if provided)
  • Email address (if provided)

All organizations that receive information from Student Search Service are required to maintain strict confidentiality. The College Board and ETS actively review all uses to ensure adherence to guidelines. The College Board also does not share your phone number or Social Security number with any institution or organization.

Your information will be available through December of your senior year (or if you are out of high school when you take an exam, through the December following your exam date).

Why should I participate?

The vast majority of college-bound students opt in to Student Search Service to receive information about admission, financial aid and other postsecondary opportunities without being solicited by commercial entities. Students just like you have consistently reported that while they enjoy receiving information about familiar colleges and universities, they especially enjoy hearing from colleges and universities they were previously unfamiliar with.

Participation in Student Search is a great way to understand what different colleges can offer you. Each college is unique and you will better understand things like their application process, financial aid packages and campus life.

More than 1,100 colleges, universities and scholarship programs use Student Search every year to find the right students for their programs, scholarships and special activities.

Please don't hesitate to email the College Board's Student Search Service (SearchCustomerService@collegeboard.com) or call 866-825-8051 if you have questions. If you wish to remove your name, email address, or both from the service you can also do so online.

Note about test-prep product solicitations

The College Board makes every effort to protect a student's privacy. When a student takes a College Board exam, such as the PSAT/NMSQT, the SAT or an Advanced Placement (AP) Exam, he or she has a choice to "opt in" to Student Search Service. If the student says yes, this enables the College Board to provide that student's basic information to eligible colleges and universities, scholarship programs and certain higher education enrichment opportunities.

While the College Board recommends that students take advantage of our free and low-cost practice tools in order to help them do their best on test day, it is our strict policy to NOT sell student information to test-preparation companies, nor are such companies affiliated with the College Board.

We recommend the following precautions if you receive unsolicited calls from persons identifying themselves as belonging to a test-preparation company:

  • Never provide credit card information.
  • Don't commit to a purchase regardless of the caller's high-pressure tactics.
  • Get the company's contact information and the name of the caller; ask for a callback number.
  • Contact your local consumer affairs office, your local Better Business Bureau and/or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if the company continues to make unsolicited phone calls.

To learn more about our Student Search Service policy, go to the "Authorized Usage" section of our Student Search Service User Guide.